Staffing & Recruiting Services

At Minho Group, we offer Staffing & Recruiting solutions for business owners and employees across North America. It can be tough to find qualified candidates quickly. With our unique process, we’ll help you fill positions faster.


We offer unique Payroll services that handle the calculation, processing, and distribution of employee paychecks and payroll taxes on behalf of your business. As a payroll service provider, we can help streamline payroll processing and ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time.


Drafting an HR contract can be a complex process, it requires careful planning, attention to detail, and legal expertise. We can help you create a comprehensive and legally compliant contract that protects the interests of both the employer and the employee.


We help you fill short-term roles that are important and essential for the duration of any task or project.


We fill critical long-term roles that are essential and that will have a significant impact on your company's overall performance..


Minho Group identifies, recruits, and evaluates the most sought-after leaders. We match executives with company needs and develop talent.

What Our Client say About Us

Jason Strauss CEO of ML Associates

The experts at Minho Group have been impressive, good team, very prompt in responding to queries and respect time. They provide good ideas and are they are very practical. They provide you insights and suggestions, which you otherwise don’t think of. My experience has been amazing !!

Jane Faber

We only use Minho Group for our staffing needs. They know what we want and always deliver.

Jason Smith

Minho Group does a great job providing temporary staff whenever
we need it.

Madelaine Taylor

When I work with Minho Group, I go out on the best assignments. They keep me busy and challenged.


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